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When glucagon metabolizes your fat into energy, you lose weight.

    • Glucagon raises low blood sugar.
    • Glucagon puts the metabolism in burning mode.
    • Glucagon converts protein and fat to glucose.
    • Glucagon causes dietary fat to be used for energy.
    • Glucagon releases fat from fat cells to be used for energy.
    • Glucagon reduces cholesterol production.
    • Glucagon causes the kidneys to release water from the body.
    • Glucagon causes artery wall cells to return to normal.
    • Glucagon stimulates the use of fat for energy.

GlucagonDiet Tools

What you eat, how much, and how often are factors that can stimulate glucagon.

Exercise plays a key role in reversing insulin resistance, increasing activity of glucagon, a fat-burning hormone, increasing testosterone and DHEA and increasing natural HGH.

There are several supplements and amino acids that have been shown to increase the release of glucagon.

See our program on how use the above tools for optimal fat burning.